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the best Hong Kong taxi app for translating addresses from English to Chinese!

It's free (for now)!


No more language barriers.

Do you live in Hong Kong? Just visiting? Try HK’s best address translator to search nearly any address and translate it into Cantonese (Traditional Chinese).

Compatible with iOS & Android

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Map and favorited locations


Search in English. Get results in Chinese.

Use the search bar to look up nearly any address in Hong Kong, then see the Chinese translation in seconds.

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Fast results

Especially useful for non-Chinese speakers


No confusion about where you want to go.

Show the address to your driver and be on your way. Plus, see the estimated price, time, and Cantonese pronunciation for your trip! What could be easier?

Easy-to-read text

Romanized spelling available (Yale and Jyutping)

Hear the address spoken by the app!

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TakeTaxi Logo 120 by 120 pixels


No more screenshots of addresses, unreadable business cards, or confusing conversations with your driver. With our Hong Kong taxi app TakeTaxi, you can jump in any taxi and go.

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